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The Mission
The Zacchaeus Society (a nonprofit corporation) exists for the purpose of examining the relationship between money, possessions and the Kingdom of God as understood within the Christian Tradition and to create opportunities for stewardship education, reflection, praxis and change within the Christian Church and in the broader religious community.

The Origin
There is a strange silence in the Christian Churches of North America regarding the connection between money, possessions and faith. Even though the Christian scriptures speak over and over again regarding the holy use of wealth, the Church has difficulty moving beyond annual stewardship and capital campaigns to address the spiritual struggles bound up in the faithful use of money and possessions. The Gospel story of Zacchaeus (Luke 19:1-10) is the story of a person of wealth who, through a personal encounter with Jesus, reframed his whole economic life in light of the values of the Kingdom of God. The goal of The Zacchaeus Society is to help the Church as well as individuals seek an alternative stewardship of money and possessions in response to the imperatives of scripture.

The Program Design
The Zacchaeus Society shall seek to carry out its mission through traditional educational models such as small group study, curriculum development, lectureships, sponsorship of seminary training, journal articles, newsletter publication and conferencing. The Society will also pursue experiential models of education, praxis and change using retreat formats, drama, art and music. Use of appropriate technology such as website instruction, video-streaming and teleconferencing shall be pursued as a means of reaching a wider audience.

Services Provided by The Zacchaeus Society

In addition to receiving contributions in support of our mission, *The Zacchaeus Society provides traditional consulting services for Christian Congregations and Institutions including assistance with annual stewardship campaigns, capital campaigns, stewardship education and special projects. Also, the organization provides services such as special advisor and visitation services on behalf of bank trust departments and trust companies. A fee schedule is available upon request. The Zacchaeus Society is not a fiduciary and does not present itself as a fiduciary. However, we welcome the opportunity to refer persons to authorized fiduciary entities as needed.

Members of the Board