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Where Your Treasure Is

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Where Your Treasure Is
by Edward W. Bauman

An exploration of the biblical teaching on the subject of money and possessions and how they reflect our relationship with God. This book is available for free download in PDF format on The Zacchaeus Society website through the generosity and permission of Dr. Edward W. Bauman. Download the PDF files of book chapters by clicking on the Session titles listed below.

Book frontmatter
Cover, title page, copyright, foreword, credits, purpose, about the author

Table of contents

Session 1
No Other Gods. Exodus 20:1-23

Session 2
Reflections on No Other Gods

Session 3
The Earth is the Lord's Psalm 24

Session 4
Reflections on The Earth is the Lord's

Session 5
ATenth of Everything! Deuteronomy 14: 22-29

Session 6
Reflections on A Tenth of Everything!

Session 7
Prayer and Poverty, Isaiah 58: 1-10

Session 8
Reflections on Prayer and Poverty

Session 9
The Pearl of Great Price, Matthew 13: 34-46

Session 10
Reflections on The Pearl of Great Price

Session 11
The Camel in the Needle's Eye, Mark 10:17-31

Session 12
Reflections on The Camel in the Needle's Eye

Session 13
What Does It Profit? James 2:1-17

Session 14
Reflections on What Does It Profit?

Session 15
Give God the Glory. Mark 12:41-44, Luke 19:1-10

Session 16
Reflections on Give God the Glory

Session 17
The Good Samaritan's Money. Luke 10:25-37

Session 18
Reflections on The Good Samaritan's Money

Session 19
Love and Justice. Mark 11:15-19

Session 20
Reflections on Love and Justice

Session 21
The Simplification of Life. Matthew 6:19-34

Session 22
Reflections on The Simplification of Life

Session 23
All Things in Common. Acts 2:43-47, Acts 4:32-35

Session 24
Reflections on All Things in Common

Session 25
The Grace of Giving. Second Corinthians 8 and 9

Session 26
Reflections on The Grace of Giving